Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway

Rambler offers a secure payment gateway for you to take payments online from all major credit or debit cards including PayPal

Online Merchant Account

Rambler will create your merchant account to facilitate payments online, via email or mobile device

Payments made by your customers will go straight into your merchant account and then transferred to your bank account.

Rambler offers a Business Manager Tool which will enable you to view and monitor your transaction in real time, online.


To be able to accept card payments online, all businesses will require a merchant account. Rambler can provide you with all the necessary products and expertise required to set up a reliable and secure merchant account.

Virtual Terminal

Rambler will supply you with a Virtual Terminal that will allow you to take payments over the phone through their secure web interface. The Virtual Terminal can be used at point of sales or taken directly to your customers.

  • A secure web interface will enable you to take payments telephonically
  • Set up is easy with not technical requirements
  • Virtual mobile card machine can service clients anywhere in store
  • Keep track of all transaction in real time
  • Easy to use interface
  • Protection from fraudulent transactions with risk management features
  • Price from £9.95 per month

Pay by Link

Rambler can create a link that you can use when requesting payments via email.

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